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November was a good month

As a huge fan of self-deprecating humour, I have to say that November could have been my best month ever. I decided to take the Movember challenge and grow a stache for the whole month. Hopefully the collage of Mo photos above will brighten your day at my expense.

It all started when I came up with the idea of a stache growing contest for my work website. I thought it would be a good way to get our readers participating and checking back with our site to increase page views. Since I’ve never tried to grow any serious facial hair other than a raggedy-ass goatee during the grunge era (also highly comical) I thought I would lead by example. But if I was going to sacrifice my lip (and any romance with my wife for an entire month), I might as well go the extra mile and create a Movember team to raise some money. I enlisted a great mustache growing team and we set out growing and asking for donations. I’ve had several relatives affected with prostate cancer, which provided extra motivation.

In the end my team raised just over $4000, which is way more than I expected. But most of all I  garnered lots of strange looks and made a lot of friends laugh out loud at the furry creature that was taking form on my face. Now that the Mo is gone, I kind of miss it; especially the way snow would stick to it when I was up the mountain.


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