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Gotta Start Somewhere

This has been a long time coming. The two biggest skill sets of my job are writing and photography. And while I do a lot of this for the magazine, there’s not a whole lot going outside of that. I’m online nearly all the time, keeping up to date on industry news, working on our websites, being as active in social media as possible without going crazy, but my online presence has been virtually (no pun intended) nonexistent. One way to look at it; there’s been a lot of input but no output. A kind of creative constipation if you will. Honestly I have no idea what will make up the content of these pages, but I promise to keep it as interesting as possible. Maybe a photo here and there, most likely a few random observations from my very cool hometown of Whistler, BC. I hope you check back from time to time to see what’s going on in my corner of the world. Don’t worry, I’ll probably promote this shit out of this in the social media nerd-dom.

In case you’re wondering not all photos posted on here will be this gloomy and depressing. It’s just one of the last shoots I went on as I walked around Whistler on a foggy Sunday afternoon.


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